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Dennis McCurdy's Suck It Up Cupcake
Stop Screwing Yourself and Get The Life You Want

Dennis A. McCurdy

A self-employed businessman since the age of 23; Dennis understands what it takes to be successful; his company, McCurdy Group, was awarded the prestigious 5 Star Designation in 2003. Dennis has started 10 businesses and has, bought, owned, sold, rehabilitated millions of dollars in real estate.

He speaks frequently about personal development and growth. His 5-week workshop, Find A Way, was developed for individuals who want to invigorate their life, reach for their dreams, and learn new ways to achieve. Those who have attended his presentations agree–Dennis is a practical and down-to-earth coach/guide. No frills just lots of meat and potatoes.

Dennis is the author of; Find, A Way, A Guide to Getting The Most From Life, and 52 Ways To Find A Way and he is currently working on his third book, Suck it Up Cupcake, How to Stop Screwing Yourself and Get the Life You Want

Having grown up in a small rural New England town, and with no role model for success, Dennis speaks about his becoming successful from the point of view of the average person; He walks the talk

Dennis is a Vietnam Veteran, serving with the USAF Security Forces