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Find A Way
By Dennis McCurdy

Find A Way <br> By Dennis McCurdy

There are no secrets to living a successful life, but there are basic principles you can use on your path to success. Understanding those principles and learning how to take action is the premise of Find A Way: A Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Life. Dennis McCurdy has culled this information for you through personal stories, examples, and the wisdom of others. Find A Way is a valuable guide to helping you live the life you want for yourself.

"If you're looking to find your way to your full potential, Find A Way is a must-read. Dennis takes you on his journey as you reflect on your own." — Darren LaCroix, contributing author of The Masters Of Success and Toastmasters International’s 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking    
“Dennis McCurdy has pulled the wisdom of the masters and the down-to-earth street smarts from his own life to create an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand roadmap to success for the reader.” — Margo Chevers, author of What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up

"Dennis McCurdy’s Find A Way is a straightforward compilation of suggestions that will simplify your life and set you on the path toward success.  The book has the feel of a friendly neighbor sharing the secrets that enabled him to win in life.  This is an easy read that pays big dividends. I enjoyed it and highly recommend Find A Way to anyone seeking motivation." —  Tolly Burkan, author of Extreme Spirituality Radical Approaches to Awakening

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