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Stop Screwing Yourself and Get The Life You Want


Consequence: a result, outcome, effect, aftermath, upshot.

In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments--there are consequences. ~ Robert C. Ingersoll (19th Century orator)

A consequence is simply a result caused by an action or inaction, non-action, by your choice. The actual term means just that often we think of the word consequences as a negative term, “There’ll be consequences.” As Ingersoll states, there are always consequences and to think otherwise is a fool’s folly.

It behooves us to pay close attention to our actions and our inactions for both have consequences either positive or negative. The message is to understand that no matter which path you choose, there are consequences. This is timeless wisdom and this is an undeniable truth. Knowing and paying attention to possible consequences helps us make better decisions/choices. Make sure the path you choose has the best chance of delivering the consequences you want, the results or effect you want.

I guess this means I am heading for the elliptical machine tonight instead of the couch and Twinkies.

Find A Way to good choices.