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I Need A Desk

When I was in high school I graduated 8th in my class . . . from the bottom, that is. I was a terrible student, and I knew the reason why: I did not have a desk. That's right, no desk. I had to study on my bed, or at the kitchen table, or the dining room table. So how could I be expected to be a good student when I did not have a proper studying surface? Funny thing, though, when I actually did get a desk, I still didn't do well in school.

Obviously, it wasn't the desk. The desk was simply my excuse, my justification for not applying myself, for not putting in the effort. Not applying myself that was the real truth. That's what we do. We rationalize. We tell ourselves "rational lies." We lie to ourselves instead of facing the facts. I needed to find a way to discipline myself or to ask for help to get the job done. In fact, if you read my book, Find A Way, you'll find out that in the eighth grade I did find a way and actually made the honor roll for the first time in my life!

Maybe you had a similar experience. Maybe you didn't do well because you didn't have your version of a desk. Remember: it's not the desk... it's you... you are in charge of your choices and what you do. You don't need a desk to succeed. You need to stand up, get around yourself, and find a way to move forward. Start getting more of what you want.

~ Dennis