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It's About the Journey

I was having breakfast with my friend Jim the other day. Jim is a successful website designer and computer consultant. He said to me “I have done this so long it doesn’t interest me anymore. I have lost my passion. Maybe it’s because I am older and that’s the way it is supposed to be. It seems when I reach a goal, it isn’t as great as I thought it was going to be, it's more anti-climactic.”

I suspect many people feel this way. As for myself, I’ve been in my business for 36 years. It is still challenging at times. However, like anyone who has been doing anything a long time, I can do it standing on my head, although the customers look at me funny. Okay, enough bad humor. You need to remember this important point: It isn’t about the goal or the destination, it’s about the journey. More important, how you grow and what you become, because of the journey. You are always, and I mean always, supposed to be growing, finding new goals so you have new journeys to enjoy. Create new challenges, or change aspects of your current destination, or add a new direction so you can enjoy more growth and more personal development. When things get too easy, or too comfortable, often the next step is boredom or worse a rut.

I know we like to complain about change, but it is a part of growth, a part of what we experience as excitement. It is your destiny to keep moving forward, onward and upward. You may say “for how long?” I say forever. As Jim and I chatted, I explained that I add new things to my business or started new ventures about every seven years or so. It keeps me energized. It adds new life to me. As Jim sat there the same realization I had a number of years ago came to him. He said, “wow, if I think about all that I have done in the last 20 years, it means that I could do that again and more in the next 20 years.” To which I simply said “you got it! It’s about the journey!”

Find more journeys, this is a never-ending process. Be like the energizer bunny.

Find A Way to Enjoy More Journeys.

~ Dennis