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Running With Bob Dempsey

A while ago I was in LA attending a week-long workshop when I ran into my friend Bob. Bob is a fellow Bay Stater and we have attended many events together. He is also an avid runner (which I am not). So he suggested we go for a run. I couldn’t remember the last time I ran any distance, maybe a mile or two, but I agreed.

Off we go running from Central City, down to Rodeo Drive, (which by the way is an interesting place). So I am thinking, “Okay. I can do a mile or two. At least the views are interesting.” Then, at mile two, I twisted my ankle (not bad but it did hurt). What does Bob say? “Let’s keep running.”

“What?” I said, somewhat shocked.

“You can push through this,” he told me.

By mile three I’m thinking I should have had my head examined. (I was also now thinking Bob may never stop.) And so we kept on going, like the Energizer Bunny (who by the way Bob resembles with his red hair).

The upshot is I ran over 4 miles that day, and with a twisted ankle. Why? Because Bob was there and he pushed me to push myself.

Think about it.

~ Dennis