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Dennis McCurdy's Suck It Up Cupcake
Stop Screwing Yourself and Get The Life You Want


Questions 1-17: If you answered “yes” to 14 or more of these questions, you are traveling successfully on your path in life and you will benefit greatly from joining our Mastermind Group.

Questions 18-30. If you answered “Yes” to 3 or more of these questions, Find A Way to overcome these self-defeating behaviors.

If you answered “No” to 1-17 and “yes” to 18-30,

Review the quiz again.
Reflect on your answers. Accepts your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses.

Study the traits you admire about yourself.
Write them down and refer to them when your negative self-talk rears its ugly head.

Pay close attention to your thoughts.
Make notes whenever you are being critical of yourself. What triggered the negativity? Look for the patterns.

Remember: It’s okay to stumble, to make mistakes, to fail. Learn to recognize the stumbling blocks on your path. Picking yourself up when you fall start moving forward again is what it's all about.

Pat yourself on the back! Practice self-congratulations, not self-condemnation.

Surround yourself with supportive friends or mentors.
Find A Way to Find Your Way.